Bye Bye Facebook

Went to log onto Facebook yesterday to see what was new with the 796 friends we (our company) had and found my account has been “DISABLED”. In order to get them to even review it or give me a solid specific reason as to why it was disabled, I’m supposed to upload a copy of my driver’s license or other ID to them to verify my identity!

I did some internet research and found they’ve been requiring IDs from Facebook account holders since 2017 and perhaps even earlier. AND PEOPLE ARE GIVING THEM THEIR IDs! Here is a Tech company that knows just about everything there is to know about you and now you hand them your driver’s license? Really people, is Facebook that important to you that you’ll give up every ounce of your privacy just so you can “belong”?

There are plenty of other Facebook alternatives, and I particularly like Parler which is is built for conservatives and based on free speech principles. Unlike Liker which is a platform for liberals and leftists who like conservatives ran afoul of Facebook’s “community standards”. It had to be something really and I mean really dreadful that could get a liberal kicked off of Facebook. For us conservatives, if we sneeze and it sounds like TRUMP we get banned or put into Facebook jail.

I tried to leave Facebook once before, but like my first attempt to quit smoking – I went back. I did quit smoking on June 6th 2014 (I remember the day even). And now I am forced to quit Facebook.

You can quit also and I encourage you to do so – right after the election or until you make the libtards cry so bad they complain to Facebook censors and get you banned. Believe me it is worth it.

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